Holiday at the Middle Rhine and the Loreley

Why is it so beautiful on the Rhine? There is more than one answer to that. Besides steep slopes, with fairytale castles and the legendary Loreley rock, vineyards adorn the region. Even today, the picturesque villages have not lost their fascination. Rhine romanticism as far as the eye can see.

Weinberg beim Hotel Jakobsberg
Weinregion Mittelrhein

The Middle Rhine wine region

Besides their culture, the Romans brought wine to the region. From Bingen to Bonn, on a length of 110 km, the wine-growing region of the Middle Rhine extends. The picturesque Rhine Valley backdrop requires labour-intensive winegrowing on the steep slopes due to the narrow, rugged rocky ridges. Thanks to the temperate climate, the Rhine Valley has a relatively high number of sunny days with pleasant temperatures. In eleven large vineyards and 111 individual sites you will find about 85% white grape varieties. Wine-growing on the Middle Rhine is dominated by small, private wineries. Therefore, cultivation, development and sale are mostly in one hand. Of the approximately 150 wineries, about 50 have an affiliated wine restaurant - the Straußwirtschaften. They invite you to linger with Rhenish wine and local specialities from the winegrower's kitchen.

The incomparable beauty of nature, the unique density of castles, the importance of the Rhine as a transport route and an ever contested border, the tradition of winegrowing and shipping have earned the region the distinction of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Thus the region receives the same distinction as Cologne Cathedral, Notre Dame Cathedral, or the Grand Canyon National Park. In addition to an increased international appreciation, the protection and preservation of these natural and cultural assets is the focus of attention.




The Middle Rhine Region

The Middle Rhine Valley offers a multitude of sights with its numerous castles, the Loreley and many other highlights.

Hiking and cycling at the Middle Rhine

Hike or drive through the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley with its numerous castles and sights and experience the unique nature up close.

Shooting range

Put your reflexes, precision and dexterity to the test. On our shooting range you will prove your speed especially in clay pigeon shooting, the supreme discipline of the shooting sport. But even beginners should not give up the feeling of happiness that you feel when you have successfully put your reflexes to the test, because of course there are different levels of difficulty.

For all those who prefer to prove their precision, there is the possibility to do target practice on targets. Use your stay on the Jakobsberg to improve your hit rate or to get to know this exciting sport. Experience the fascination that weapons as impressive tools of man will have on you.

The costs:
€ 27,00 for 25 shots, including pigeons, plus € 3,00 for insurance as well as hearing protection and a one-time rental fee of € 23,00 for the gun.

The shooting range is not open daily and can only be booked on request.