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The Jakobsberg conference & golf resort in the upper Middle Rhine valley near the Lorelei

The Jakobsberg hotel for business and pleasure is located centrally in one of Germany’s most beautiful landscapes – the Rhine valley between Koblenz and Mainz. Yet it provides a quick escape from the busy city to enchanting, unspoilt nature. Discover the romantic Lorelei valley shrouded in legend with its numerous castles that line the Rhine, which has been the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.


The Jakobsberg conference & golf resort offers you a wealth of options for your activity or wellness holiday against a stunning backdrop. Relax with an 18-hole round of golf on one of Germany’s most beautiful golf courses or learn how to play golf under the instruction of our trainers, led by PGA professional Mike McFadden.


Our conference hotel provides the ideal space for relaxing and busy stays with its 9 conference rooms for up to 200 people. 2 restaurants and numerous sports and wellness activities on offer ensure the necessary entertainment programme for your congress.

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The Jakobsberg is influenced by a deep inner attachment to the region and the surrounding flora and fauna.



The dream of flying was brought closer to us by the Montgolfier brothers and their first device capable of flying, the hot air balloon.



The artists Toni and Simon Benetton contributed significantly to the Jakobsberg hotel’s interior design with their works of art.



The entrepreneur Dr. Hans Riegel managed the destiny of HARIBO for decades. He acquired the Jakobsberg estate in 1960.


Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1157-1262


Emperor Frederick I called Barbarossa confirmed the foundation of a priory on the Jakobsberg in a document dated 15th April 1157. A document from 1262 from King Richard of Cornwall confirmed the annual gift of wine from the royal vineyards in Boppard.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1450


The monastery community was given up around 1450. Several attempts to resurrect the life of the monastery failed due to the tough living and working conditions. Witnesses told of the “solitude of the place”, of the threat by robbers and complained that they could not turn their “missionary ideal” into a reality here.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1497


The Archbishop of Trier wants to renovate the priory. However, the priory is not to be given over to nuns as usual but to Knights of the Cross. The Knights of the Cross are a religious order of former crusaders. They are spread all over Western Europe and founded twelve monasteries in the Rhineland in the 15th century.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1552-1650


The Knights of the Cross on the Jakobsberg capitulated after just 50 years. In 1552 it is said that the difficulties resulting from the solitude of the place are too enormous to maintain a “missionary ideal”. The property is then sold again. All the property is sold to the Jesuits in Koblenz in 1650.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1773


Pope Clemens XIV. dissolves the Jesuits. Ownership passes to the high school in Koblenz. During the French Revolution in 1792 the estate is confiscated and used as an “ecole secondaire”, an educational institution.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1891


The estate is in private ownership. The former tenant Ferdinand Sommer is the new owner in 1891. The oldest photograph from 1896 shows the former monastery still in a good structural condition and as an intact, agricultural business. However, the estate declined more and more into ruin over subsequent years.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1960


Dr. Hans Riegel, an entrepreneur from Bonn, purchased the property. The buildings were renovated, restored to their former style and rebuilt, totally in keeping with the protection of historical buildings and monuments. While preserving the architectural character of the old estate he developed one of the largest and most beautiful hotel complexes on the Rhine.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 1994-2000


The Jakobsberg golf course is opened. In 2000 the hotel is certified with 4 stars by the classification commission of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association.

Hotel Jakobsberg Geschichte 2009-2015


The entire hotel is discreetly and unostentatiously brought up to the latest standards in terms of design and facilities. The themed areas “Home & Hunting”, “Benetton”, “Montgolfière” and “Africa” are created using a unique artistic concept.

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