The course

A sporting challenge above the Lorelei valley

The 18-hole Jakobsberg golf course

The 18-hole Jakobsberg golf course was opened in 1994 above the legendary Lorelei valley between Koblenz and Boppard. Situated on a plateau above the Rhine nestled between the forest and vineyards you have a unique view over the Marksburg opposite and down into the Rhine valley from here. The fairways are strongly modelled and each feature four different teeing grounds, big bunkers, numerous water hazards, and fast undulating greens. A sporting but fair challenge. You can also find a driving range with putting and pitching green here, which you can use on your own or under the guidance of a golf instructor. The course was planned based on the model by the famous American golf course architect Robert Trent Jones jr. and was built by Wolfgang Jarsombek.

Course overview

Get an idea of the superb playability of our golf course beforehand by zooming in on the course overview. Your greatest handicap: the beauty of the Rhine and the towering mountains of the Rhine valley all around.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 1

Hole 1


A slight draw over the pole pointing the way opens up all kinds of possibilities for a good player to hit the green with their second swing. However, less skilled players also have the chance to hit the green in regulation with the third swing. However, the out of bounds that runs along the left of the fairway is dangerous.

Players have to consider the downhill slope for the swing onto the green. From a certain playing ability, the fairway bunkers no longer come into play, but one of the two green bunkers on the right or left of the green do. The lower lying green is not very wide at 19 m but very long at 36 m so various pin positions may easily require one or two irons more or less.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 2

Hole 2


The most difficult hole on the course. The drive here has to be placed right in the middle of an apple tree orchard otherwise it is almost impossible to make a swing onto the green. Here as well the out of bounds is on the left of the fairway but relatively rarely comes into play because there is a wide strip of rough between the fairway and bounds. The second swing has to be played uphill. At the same time you have to leave a fairway bunker and two green bunkers out of the game. The terrace shaped green allows for various pin positions.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 3

Hole 3

Yellow Waterloo 

The most difficult par 3 on the course. It requires a strike off the tee by players using a short wood or a long iron onto a really narrow, slightly raised undulated green. A gorge with sunflowers and a little lake have to be overcome from the tee. The roughly 60 m wide trench causes problems for beginners in particular, a little green bunker on the right and another on the left next to the green may also come into play as additional obstructions.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 4

Hole 4

Jako’s Corner

This dogleg left requires a very precise hit off the tee by players over the apple tree that is in the middle of the fairway. It is dangerous to shorten the dogleg because of the out of bounds on the left and the high trees there. Only the best players will drive it up near the front of the green. But even with a successful normal first tee the green can be reached easily with the second swing. However, if you fluffed the drive you inevitably lose a stroke. The green stands out due to its horizontal shape and short landing zone related to this. The out of bounds on the left and behind and the two green bunkers in front and behind require a precise approach shot that is generally played using a short iron.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 5

Hole 5

By the hunting ground 

This dogleg right can be considerably cut short by good players with a drive over the corner. In doing so players have to overcome a row of apple trees, a strip of rough and several bunkers on the right and then only have a pitch onto the approx. 50 m long green defended by bunkers. It is recommended that less skilled players produce a swing on the fairway using a medium to long iron and then play onto the green using the second or third swing.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 6

Hole 6

Grand Canyon 

One of the most spectacular holes on the course that makes most beginners turn pale with respect. A ditch of approx. 130 m has to be overcome. If they didn’t manage to get over the gorge with the first shot they can use the drop zone next to the ladies tee from where approx. 80 m is required to overcome the gorge. Once they’ve placed a shot on the fairway that slopes slightly to the left there is still one more swing using a medium or long iron to play onto one of the most difficult greens on the course. It is very undulating and more or less slightly sloping on all sides so that a one or two putt can easily turn into a bit more.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 7

Hole 7

Big Slice 

The drive on this uphill dogleg right is hit over a rough lip approx. 160 m onto the fairway by good players. Less skilled players first of all play the drive straight onto the fairway to then reach the green with two more swings in the safest way possible. The green itself is really big and has several dangerous mounds so that a one or two putt is not a sure thing. It is protected by a large bunker on the left and just as large a bunker behind.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 8

Hole 8

Gone with the wind

The easiest hole on the first nine. The green well defended by bunkers rises slightly and has a slight mound in the middle. Depending on the wind direction and pin position players can choose between a 7 iron and a wood. They should avoid a little pot bunker on the left hand side and a large green bunker on the right hand side of the green. A large green bunker behind the green rarely comes into play.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 9

Hole 9

Wild cherry aisle 

If they manage the drive through a small row of trees and to place the ball on the really steep downhill sloping valley, long hitters play into the trough approx. 200 m away, then all options are open to players to prepare the second swing to attack the green. In doing so a row of trees has to be played through or over which splits the fairway into two halves. If they place their drive in the gaps in the row of trees they have the possibility of reaching the green with the second shot. This very large 40 m green is only protected on the left by a small pot bunker. As it is situated higher though and therefore the precise pin position is very difficult to estimate plus a green mound also comes into play depending on the pin position, there are enough difficulties. A water hazard approx. 70 m to the left in front of the green only rarely comes into play.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 10

Hole 10

A wonderful view 

The drive has to be placed to the right from a high teeing ground past a little water hazard. Afterwards just a medium to short iron is required to place the ball on the very difficult to putt 41 m long green. A very difficult to play mound has to be planned into the putt depending on the pin position.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 11

Hole 11

The Loch Ness monster 

A really spectacular hole. Playing the ball into the large fairway bunker has to be avoided when teeing off. If good players manage this they can attack the green with their second swing. To do so they have to play over a large pond. If they don’t manage to bring the ball to rest there is a risk that it may roll into one of the green bunkers. Less skilled players try to place the ball on the fairway to the left next to the water hazard with their second swing to then play onto the green with their third swing. This almost square green has a large mound on the left and sloping edges in the back and side section which may result in additional difficulties when putting.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 12

Hole 12

The neverending story

The longest hole on the course and one of the longest holes in Rhineland-Palatinate. There the drive has to be placed between two small fairway bunkers on the left and one large fairway bunker on the right. Out of bounds lurks on the left along the fairway. You can really give your all again with the second swing. Another two fairway bunkers are lurking here in the landing area. Good players can now attack the pin with the third swing. The green is superbly protected by bunkers so that carrying the shot onto the 33 m long and 16 m wide green is recommended.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 13

Hole 13

Hard Rough 

A fade is the ideal solution on this dogleg right sloping downhill to the left. The fairway bunker and the in part really high rough on the right of the fairway are the only hazards for the drive. A medium to long iron onto the green opens up all options to players. However, two bunkers are waiting before the green on the left and next to the green on the right and they come into play more often than some would like. When putting it essential to maintain your concentration as there is a risk here for the first time of being distracted by the magical view over the large hairpin curve in the Rhine.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 14

Hole 14

First the Rhine

This hole is characteristic due to its very long 40 m kidney shaped green. The entrance is just about 10 m wide and is protected by two green bunkers. If the drive does not land on the green using a medium to long iron it may cause players real problems as the areas around the green are really hilly and slope downhill to the out of bounds. If the ball is in a bunker you should consider yourself lucky that nothing more unpleasant has happened.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 15

Hole 15

Mission Impossible

An absolute monster of a hole. The longest par 4 on the course. You have to take two massive shots if you want to reach the green in regulation. The fairway is relatively wide and runs slightly uphill to the green. The fairway slopes steeply to the left to the out of bounds and a wide strip of rough lurks on the right. You also often have to reckon with the strong wind from the Rhine valley here. An additional difficulty comes into play when the pin is in the back part of the green as there is another mound to be overcome there.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 16

Hole 16

View over the Rhine

The easiest hole on the course. Before you attack it now you should take a moment to enjoy one of the most stunning views over the Rhine valley. A really wide green allows players to play close to the pin using a medium to long iron from the elevated teeing ground. The green is protected on the left and at the back by bunkers.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 17

Hole 17

Three terraces

The second hardest hole on the course. Long hitters can cut this dogleg left short. To avoid the relatively great risk of losing a ball you can also keep the ball on the fairway to then attack this unique green using a medium to long iron. It is the crowing glory of German golf course design. It is kept in the shape of a clover leaf and extends over three tiers. It’s not exactly a treat when the pin is on a different level to where your ball is. But as if that’s not enough: The green is really well protected by two strategically placed bunkers so that the entrance is very narrow and just a few metres wide. A water hazard in front of the green tends to rarely come into play.

Hotel Jakobsberg: Golf Der Platz Loch 18

Hole 18

Fairway to heaven 

Out of bounds awaits botched drives on the left at this teeing ground. The slope in the middle of the fairway and the green that cannot be seen make it very difficult to hit the green with the second shot and to therefore have the chance of getting an eagle. As a result, a huge, approx. 50 m long bunker that separates the 18th fairway from the 1st fairway usually awaits the second swing. A good pitch onto the green gives players the chance of a realistic birdie. A bunker in the front on the left, another one behind on the left and a large one on the right that extends as far as behind the green and the out of bounds behind the green punish any inaccuracies unforgivingly on approach.

CR 72,5 
Slope 130
CR 74,5
Slope 128
CR 71,1
Slope 131
CR 72,7
Slope 125

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